You are welcome to book a table between 17-22 wednesdays to ’saturdays and between 16-20 on sundays!
Call us on +45 61 15 71 and we’ll set something up for you.



Spirit of heart, mushrooms, spruce
Flatbread, cut fish, potato

Main course

*Sild – Rug – sennep – musling
*Svinemave – kål – kartoffel – rødbede
*Clementin – myseost – enebær


Snacks – 100,-
3 Retter med Snacks – 400,-
Bobler – 100,-
Vinmenu – 400,-
Ølmenu – 300,-

About us

Naert is a restaurant situated in the heart of Copenhagen, a stonethrow behind the round tower. This central location allows us to to
be close to the many theaters and concert halls Copenhagen has to offer. At naert guests can enjoy a modern take on both Norwegian and Danish culinary traditions. It is important for us at Naert that guests can relax and feel at home. Our outdoor area, which includes a fountain, cherry trees, a cozy atmosphere and a charming walking street, is often regarded by locals as one of Copenhagen’s best kept secrets. Naert’s vision is to create and renew Danish and Norwegian cuisine. We use many traditional preservation techniques such as smoking, salting, pickling, and “safting” which is the practice of extracting juice through steam. Although we enjoy using local danish produce, we also incorporate Norwegian products such as clipfish, lamb ribs,and leg of mutton. However, our concept is not only limited to the north, as we frequently draw inspiration from other countries. An evening at Naert is always a unique gastronomic experience accompanied by the best in beer and wine.
We look forward to welcoming you to Naert!