You are welcome to book a table between 17-22 wednesday til’ saturday and 16-20 on sundays




Pan seared duck heart, lovage, sesame
Shrimp, rømme (norwegian creme fraiche), flatbread
Radish, horseradish, seaweed bullion

Main dishes

Pan seared stockfish, smoked couliflower, heart salad steamed in fermentation juices, whey *
Mussels, butter sauce, fermented cellery, coriander, Yorkshire pudding
Pork neck, deep fried new potatoes, grilled broccoli, hip rose teriyaki sauce *
Carrot and pineapple sorbet, rhubarb, elderflower, caramel fudge *


All dishes, 7 servings 420,-
3-courses (marked *) 350,-
Snacks 100,-


What we care about

Naert is a restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen. A stonethrow behind the iconic Rundetårn. At Restaurant Naert one can enjoy a well-prepared meal based on Norwegian and Danish food traditions in a modern expression. It is important to us that you as a guest can relax and feel at home when you visit us. The restaurant was made with a vision of mediating and renewing Norwegian and Danish food traditions. We focus heavily on the ancient preservation techniques like smoking, salting, pickling and juicing. This gives us a unique flavor profile. Although we enjoy using local danish produce, we also incorporate Norwegian products such as stockfish, lamb ribs, and leg of mutton.However, our concept is not only limited to the north, as we frequently draw inspiration from other countries. An evening at Naert is always a unique gastronomic experience accompanied by the best in wine and spirits.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon.