You are welcome to book a table between 17-21:30 Tuesdays till Saturday.

For parties of 8 or more; call us or send us a mail, and we’ll set something up.



1. Tartar, leeks, bonemarrow

2. Lamb & feta cheesetops, ramson

3. Bacon & mussel soup, cucumber


1. Mashed potatoes, sea lettuce, black cabbage pesto, lumpfish roe *

2. Grilled veal toungue, parsley sauce, chicken skin, fermented tomatoes  

3. Crunchy chicken, buckwheat & mungbean risotto, tarragon sauce   *

4. Mushroom & miso ice cream, roasted sunflower seeds, brown cheese  *

In case of allergies or other dietary requirements; let us know in advance and we will adjust the menu for you.

All 7 servings                 460 kr

3 courses (marked*)         390 kr

Snacks                              100 kr

What We Care About

It is important for us at Naert that guests can relax and feel at home.

Our guests can enjoy a modern take on both Norwegian and Danish culinary traditions. The outdoor area is often seen by locals as one of Copenhagen’s best kept secrets. We use many traditional preservation techniques, such as smoking, salting, pickling and fermentation.

Although we enjoy using local danish produce, we also incorporate Norwegian products such as stockfish, brown cheese, and akvavit.

However, our concept is not only limited to the north, as we often draw inspiration from other countries. An evening at Naert is always a unique gastronomic experience accompanied by the best in beer and wine.

We look forward to welcoming you to Naert!